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Tax Compliance

We deal with all of your tax compliance needs leaving you confident in the knowledge that you can concentrate on the money making aspects of your business. We help you budget your finances and avoid costly late payment penalties and interest by informing you of your periodic liability, if any, to your various business and personal taxes and the due dates for payment.

Business Taxes

We calculate your business and personal tax liabilities; take advantage of any tax breaks available and explain the basis of the computation to you. Once you are satisfied with the content, we submit your Self Assessment tax return.
We offer tax planning services*, an important consideration if you anticipate that your business circumstances are about to change.

Payroll Taxes

Running and administering a payroll has been a chore for entrepreneurs for a long time. We take care of all your payroll needs; preparing payslips, processing P45s, dealing with all HMRC’s RTI filing requirements and ensuring that you are PAYE/NIC compliant.
You have access to our employment advice service* to help you through the minefield that is Employment Law and Health & Safety at Work.


We recommend which of the various VAT schemes is the most suitable for your business and deal with VAT registration for you.
We contact you at the end of each VAT return period to ask you for your business records and information, prepare your VAT return and, once approved by you, file the return with HMRC.
Late submission of returns and late payment of VAT liabilities attract HMRC penalties. It is our responsibility to ensure that your returns are filed on time.

Tax Enquiries

Every business and person registered for self assessment tax will have a tax enquiry at some time. These enquiries are often time consuming and complex, even for the most tax compliant businesses. More importantly, though, it can be costly if you get it wrong.
We can help you navigate the hazards of an HMRC investigation and keep the cost of this to you down. By subscribing to our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service you can claim the costs of defending an HMRC tax enquiry.

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