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Company Car or Business Mileage Claim

The choice between running a company car or owning the car personally and claiming business mileage is ultimately dependent upon your own preference and your specific circumstances. In general, it is seldom beneficial for you to run company car, unless your business mileage is low and the list price of the car is high. Allied to this, changes to tax rules have made it less advantageous to run a company car in recent years and this trend is likely to continue. We do provide a calculator for you to work out which option would be better for you.


Now, when your company owns the car, it pays for all the running expenses, however since you are a director of your company, you will be taxed on the Benefit in Kind on your company car. Whereas, when you own the car and use it for business, then you can claim back a mileage expense from your company. This amount is a tax deductible expense to your company and a TAX-FREE receipt in your hands, as long as you are paid the approved mileage rate set by the HM Revenue & Customs.

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