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Child Care Vouchers

You have your own company, but you also have a young family. Do you know that your company can pay part of your child care cost for you, claim this cost as a tax deductible expense and you don’t pay any income tax on this benefit?

In summary your

  • child must be under 15 on 1 September
  • in child care, for example looked after by a child minder, attending a nursery or an after school club
  • company must contract directly with the childcare provider
  • childcare provider must have the appropriate registrations and approvals

Your company can pay up to £55 towards the cost of the child care and claim this cost against its corporation tax.

This payment does not constitute a taxable benefit to you, so you pay no income tax or NIC on it.

A word of caution; to be allowed the scheme must be open to all employees.

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